Who I am?

My name is Klaudia Strzyżewska and I am 28 years old. I have been working as a model for several years, and traveling is my greatest passion. I am extremely curious about the world and I am still planning new directions. At this point, I want to show you a piece of my world and treat it as my little diary.


What gives me the greatest pleasure in my life is traveling, I love nature, local delicacies, customs of people I meet.


The main topics I address are: #lifestyle #beauty #travelgirl #couplegoals


Everything you find here I create with my fiancé - Wojciech, who deals with the technical side of the blog and usually stands behind the lens, so you will find me much more in the pictures and in the text.

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write directly to me via email: strzyzewska.kl@gmail.com